Car Culture ruined my favorite car show


The one car show I look forward to most is the yearly car show at The Steelyard in Providence. I’ve been going for a while(pics from ’13 here), and it has been a really nice show full of an amazing selection of cars in a great setting.

Last year it was so popular I showed up 15 minutes after it started and had to park the truck down the street.

This year I didn’t bother bringing the truck (motor is acting up and I haven’t gotten the new motor together yet), so I parked a block away and we walked up. I took the picture above and turned the corner, to find this:


It is hard to see, but the crowds around the entrance are so big they have filled the sidewalks and parking lanes and are spilling into the street. Nearly every person had a beer in their hands, and they were shouting at every vehicle to “do burnouts!” As we walked up a ratty Camaro obliged and started doing a burnout on a public road while big crowds pressed in on it from both sides. As soon as he moved on they started shouting at the stanced BMW behind him to do a burnout. When he didn’t they kept yelling at him until he drove away.

I looked at the drunken mob and realized there wasn’t going to be room for me to look at and photograph the cars without getting crowded on all sides. I decided not to bother going in, and we turned around to walk back to the car.

When we got back to the xB I was standing alongside it unlocking the door when a F250 brotruck pulled alongside and intentionally “rolled coal” down the length of my car, engulfing me & it in a black cloud.

So instead of wandering under the gantries of the Steelyard looking at amazing vehicles I am sitting at home with a bad taste in my mouth(literal & figurative).

Rusty utility trailer video & photos.

1Here is a walkaround of the $150 Trailer made from a 1960 Bell Telephone truck, that I bought and am attempting to get functional. Pics below.

3 I need to figure out who makes/made this latch so I can try and get replacement parts & locks for it.


Think I can get a few more seasons out of these?


Original Labels inside.


The rear-end of the mystery chassis.



Last weekend I finally picked up my “new” engine for the truck, that I’d bought just before breaking my collar bone. This weekend I bought a engine hoist so I could unload it and start working on it.2

It is a Chevy 250 inline(to replace my 230) that was rebuilt in 1998 and has racked up all of 18K miles due to the truck being parked a few years later due to frame rot. I heard it run before it was pulled and it was smooth, but had a destroyed water pump bearing.3

The plan is to re-gasket it, throw a new water pump on, have the flywheel re-ground and assemble it with a new clutch and a 3-speed overdrive manual, they stuff it in the truck this summer.4

Oil coated and rusty, sooo tasty.

I bought something stupid…

It is a trailer made from the back half of a ‘50s Bell Systems utility truck. Judging by the one hubcap it might be an International chassis.


I paid all of $150 for it, and the guy is delivering it to my house. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but if nothing else it’ll be good for annoying my neighbors.2

It needs new tires, to be rewired, a lot of cleaning, not a small amount of rust repair, and a coat of paint. It might end up painted like a Vault-Tec vehicle, or restored to the original color.3

Here is what it would have looked like when it was a truck: