Big doings in the garage of improbability

The erratic (and lack of) posting here are due to us closing on our HOUSE(!!!) on the 8th, and desperately trying to get it livable by the 23rd, when we move out of our apartment.

House will mean more space for living, more space fro projects/creations, more opportunities for dumb ideas and an actual garage for Improbable Garage to exist in.

However at the moment it involves sanding & repairing floors, painting wall, ripping apart stuff and all the other millions of things needed to turn a short-sale house into a place we can live in. So please continue to bear with me until we’ve had a chance to settle down.

First in a long list of “Things I want but don’t need”

Despite never having drunk alcohol and having no interest in doing so, I am fascinated with barware. I love all the odd glasses, mixers, stirrers, bar decorations, and other “stuff” that is associated with alcohol(and especially mixed drinks). The stuff from the 50s/60s are my favorites. And of all that I have seen, this set is my absolute number one barware lust object.

They are absolutely the coolest set of glasses(there is supposed to be one more, but the set pictured is missing it). Sadly, in the rare case they pop up on ebay they tend to go for $200+. So it may be a long time before I can get some.

But when I do they will have a place of honor in the rumpus room that will one day be built in the basement.

I don’t even own the house yet…

…and already it is taking over my brain.

Today’s obsession is these forest green glass door knobs.

Look at them. Just look at them.

 Tell me that isn’t just about the coolest door knob ever. With the green, and the glass and…

Sorry what?

You’ve never given door knobs a thought?

Oh, you’re one of those normal, well-adjusted people. Aren’t you?

Anyway… I have a distinct weakness for glass door knobs. and them being dark green glass just puts it over the top. It would “only” cost $600 to replace all the visible door knobs in the house with these. Sigh…

More Craigslist fun

I don’t expect the people posting car ads to have great grammar or spelling, but sometimes their errors make ads really frustrating or difficult to read.

In contrast, the error in this craigslist post for a 1962 Buick Super makes it hysterical to read. Here is the ad in it’s entirety.

1962 buick 4 door – $5 (monroe ny )

the car was ruining last year








If a car had ruined an entire year for me, I’d consider selling it that cheap too. Better to have it gone that risk it ruining another year.