Quick Tip, installing spark plugs

Here is a quick tip for those who may not have seen this trick. If you are trying to change the plugs in an engine where they are deeply recessed into the head, there is a way to make it much easier.

Use a spark plug socket to take them out, as the rubber donut in the socket will grab the plug and allow you to pull it out.

Or use the hose on your vacuum gauge.

Buy about a foot of vacuum line, and slip one end over the top of the plug. This will allow you to feed the plug down into the head, then twist the line to get the plug started. Once the threads have started the plug will stay in place enough for you to pull the vacuum line off.



Finally use a normal(NOT spark-plug) deep socket to finish the job. As the spark plug socket will want to stay on the plug and likely come off your extension.



Done, and much easier. Oh, you did remember the anti-seize on the plug threads so it is easier next time. Right?