More Craigslist fun

I don’t expect the people posting car ads to have great grammar or spelling, but sometimes their errors make ads really frustrating or difficult to read.

In contrast, the error in this craigslist post for a 1962 Buick Super makes it hysterical to read. Here is the ad in it’s entirety.

1962 buick 4 door – $5 (monroe ny )

the car was ruining last year








If a car had ruined an entire year for me, I’d consider selling it that cheap too. Better to have it gone that risk it ruining another year.

Admin notice

This is a warning that I have put an offer in on a house, and as such the house and associate stress is eating my head. So if I miss a weekly update or am late please understand that this is why.

Usually I write 1-3 entries at a time, so hopefully there won’t be a lot of disruptions, but I can make no promises.

Random shiny thing, made shinier.

I found this cooler at an antiques flea market, its a “FeatherFlite by Poloron” 2 gallon drinks cooler. It cost me all of $18 dollars and is in great condition. The aluminum was a bit dull, so I spent an hour while watching TV polishing it out with my favorite metal polish (Nevr-Dull). It came up amazingly well, and looks great.

In addition to looking great in the wagon, this drinks cooler will be really handy for picnicking this summer.Now I just need a matching cooler.