Utility trailer, part the last.

As you may recall, I bought a rusty trailer made from the back half of a Bell Systems utility truck, got it safe to tow, and displayed it at a post-apocalypse themed convention.

Well I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do with it next, needed to put a lot of work into my truck, and recently discovered a house disaster that requires a complete bathroom renovation.

So the trailer was thrown up on Craigslist, and the first person who came to look at it bought it. He’s going to use the box on the custom ‘47 Ford rat-rod pickup he is building for his grandson’s first car. He needs to get a move on with the project too, as the kid is already 18 months old.

I paid $150.00 for it, spent another $227 getting it safe to tow, and ended up selling it for $600. While turning a profit was never my goal, it is nice when I can put more money into the “dumb idea fund” than I took out.

Honestly I’m not sad I sold it. It was a fun & amusing toy, exactly like I’d hoped for when I bought it. But having one less set of projects around the house is probably all for the best right now.

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