They aren’t kidding about this thing hauling.

I ran across this 1953 Chevy sedan delivery at Home Depot while picking up house supplies. Just as I was entering the store this burbled through the parking lot. I dashed around getting my shopping done as fast as possible in hopes it would still be there when I was done.


Luck was with me, and it it was still there, parked a few spaces away from where I’d left my truck. “Moving Violation” seems to have been built in the classic 60’s gasser style with a straight-axle front pointing at the sky, big slicks in the back, and a worked over V8 under the 1-piece flip-front hood.


The car was rough around every edge, but had the look of something that gets driven, and driven hard. And the very fact it was driven to Home Depot of a Saturday was awesome in my book.



I spent a good long time looking the car over and admiring all the details through out. It was clear the car was well-loved and built by someone with a sense of humor. But the best part was the large sticker on the rear window, which made it clear how the owner feels about people giving him shit for the car not being perfect.


4 thoughts on “They aren’t kidding about this thing hauling.

    • No problem, thanks for building such a cool car and actually driving it instead of just letting it sit in a garage and collect dust.

      • This winter, some of the rough edges are getting smoothed out. Roll cage, finish the bodywork, and paint it white with 60’s graphics. It does low 11’s at Epping, and at night, if I dump the clutch at around 6,500 rpm’s, the headlights will “shine on the squirrels in the branches”. (an old saying an old friend described doing a wheelie as). 🙂

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