The Wee Trailer

The Wee Trailer

This isn’t going to be very thoughtful or informative, but there are lots of pictures, so that’s something. I bought this trailer when I was moving out of a household I shared with some friends. Most of my stuff was going into storage about 45 minutes away, so I figured anything to reduce the number of trips I needed would be a big help. So I bought a little 3’x4′ trailer that holds about 850 lbs. Harbor freight sells themĀ little trailers for under $200, and it turned out to be some of the best money I ever spent. So here is a series entitled “Stuff on the Wee Trailer.”

A Student’s desk, hutch top for desk, small dresser & leather ottoman. Bonus: Box has two leather wingback chairs in him.

A Dresser, Ikea desk, TV stand, & night table. Bonus: Box has a couch & computer chair in him.

A Dresser

An Antique Buffet.

An Ikea Desk, bookcase, file cabinet, 1953 White Sewing machine stand, & oak office chair

An Antique Steamer Trunk & two Schwinn Bicycles.

The roof rocket sculpture from my old Patchworks artcar

A Tool cabinet, Air Compressor & Floor Jack.

Two sets of Snow Tires

Three 1963 Mercury Comet Doors.

Two 20gallon totes, pop-up shade awning, 2 folding chairs, hammock & a fully loaded rocket box(strapped to a pallet so I could offset it over the back edge.

The “new” motor & transmission for the Wagon.

And that is just what I remembered to photograph.


3 thoughts on “The Wee Trailer

  1. I stumbled across your blog at 1:50 AM this morning (couldn’t sleep) while searching for images of old Schwinn bikes.

    I love old bicycles but got caught up reading your blog, I’ve been in the Collision Repair industry for over 30 years which obviously opens the door to a love for old cars which I have owned my share.

    The photos are great and so are the stories, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed my visit to your blog.

  2. Make some stake sides for that trailer and you’ll love it even more.
    I rescued my mini from a dumpster, and after rebuilding the hubs and a new ‘floor’ it worked just super.
    Painted it green….every trailer I have is green, so when I switch the plate from one to another (it’s a ‘home made’ trailer), it’s always right.

    • I keep meaning to make stake side, and keep not getting around to it. I figure the point at which I *need* them will be the point at which I get around to making them.

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