Junkyard Pics

I spent a few hours at North Smithfield Auto Parts a few weeks ago looking for bits for the wagon & Box. I was able to find replacements for some broken trim piece on Box, but pretty much struck out for the wagon. They had some bumpers that could best be described as “not as bad as the ones I have”, but they wanted $150 each for them, and I would had to wrestle them off the car.

Regardless, I did at least get some cool pictures.

2 thoughts on “Junkyard Pics

  1. You have to tell me where this place is.
    I had a 72 Mustang, red with white vinyl top, white interior. Loved that car until it got rear-ended…it was never the same after repairs.
    And I like the Chevy pickup (even if it IS a Chevy), I wonder if they’d do a work swap?

    • North Smithfield RI, a quick google search will get you an address. Unfortunately the guy who works the desk is a bit of a dick, and thinks all the old car parts are worth their weight in gold. Dinged faded bumpers good for cores? $150 each. Wiper motor of unknown functionality? $75. You get the idea.
      I have been trying to find a pick-your-part junkyard in lower NE with reasonable prices for a while, without much luck.

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