Shark Attack

close up shot of teeth on front bumper Shark Attack was a 1988 Ford Taurus Wagon that my parents gave me when I first started driving. After one of my accidents I repaired the damage but rather than repainting the car stock, I was bored one day, so I painted the teeth on the bumper and the eyes on the fender. From there I continued adding things such as the 'SHARK ATTACK' lettering on the windshield. Also not visible is the 'Death to Minivans!' written on the back window, and the many bumper stickers adorning the rear. This car never failed to attract a crowd, and no one ever cut me off in traffic *g*. We sold this car back in November of '95 for $400. with no heat, no gas gauge, and a totally shot suspension. At this point I purchased The Beast

A really amazing shot of this cool driving machine, just kidding
That's me leaning on the car.