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  • "I am a shrink[...] I am pleased to hereby pronounce you well, or some such negotiable equivalent." -"Cheryl and Steve"-
  • "your gay, i saw your car at wal*mart, and it was gay then and now, reviewing your website............ it's still gay!"-Elyse Stevens (this amused me for the sheer randomness of it)-
  • "Do you worship the Devil or sumthin'?"-Random cab driver in NYC-
  • "Great car! Want a flower?"-Woman in Harvard Square Boston (the rose is dried out and still on the dash of The Cat)-
  • "You do realize you scare people?"-Another lovely lass that same day in Boston (my response? A wicked grin and a simple "Yes.")-
  • "If I did all of that, they'd have me weaving baskets in a bathrobe somewhere." -Trucker in Rhode Island-
  • "That's your car? It changed my life!" -Mike Ford, singer for Moxy Fruvous-
  • "Well... it'll never get stolen..." -Gas station attendent somewhere in Indiana-
  • "Great car, but what the heck where you doing at Grinnell?" -email from a Grinnell College student in Iowa- (I was visiting a friend)
  • "He works in the cafeteria, do you still want to press charges?" -The Postal Police. Read the story.
  • "I'll pray for you." -elderly woman, after reading the quote: 'You found god? If nobody claims him in 30 days, he's yours!!'-
  • "You're a sick puppy, I'm glad to know you."-Dark Bennett-