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1-20-04 ANNOUNCEMENT: "The Cat's oil pump failed this weekend, terminally damaging her engine. At 13 years old and over 288K miles she is not going to be repaired. Exact details of her final disposition are still being worked out. Thank you to all who have loved, supported, and enjoyed her over the years. I will post more to the news section when I have more news." -Pixel
The death tow
I collect quotes, it's a obsession hobby with me. I had a hardbound book I carried around with me called my Lifebook which I use to jot down quotes I like. I also have The Quote File From Hell(tm), which is a collection of quotes I've harvested from the net, or heard friends say online. So naturally, when I decided that I was going to turn my Taurus into an Art Car there was only one choice as to what I was going to put on it. Quotes. Lots and lots of quotes. Carefully written onto every part of the car in silver paint.

In addition to being a quote-encrusted artcar, The Cat is also a member of the Magic Grapefruit Road Crew, has been a hearse, a limousine, nearly gotten me arrested by the Postal Police, been signed by Dr. Demento, won 3rd place in Political Statement(political statement? The Cat?) in Houston, and has traveled far and wide.

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