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The Cat's F.A.Q.
version 1.4

    What is this anyway?
  • It's my Artcar The Cat.

    How long did this take you?
  • I started it in August of '98, But she sat for about 11 months with a blown motor. So it was about a year of evenings, weekend, and such to cover the exterior. However it's an ongoing project, I'm adding stuff everywhere from time to time, I'm mainly concentrating on adding quotes to the interior right now.

    What does it say?
  • It's all different quotes and sayings. I collect them and put them on the car. I have something called the Quote File From Hell that's something like 52 pages long last time I printed it out, my favorites from there end up on the car.

    What does it mean?
  • It doesn't 'mean' anything. I just like quotes, and wanted to make an artcar, so this is what I ended up with.

    what do you use to write with?
  • Silver paint pens.

    How long do they last? Does it wash off?
  • It doesn't wash off at all. The paint lasts pretty long. I had paint on the tailgate that was two years old and still completely readable. It does slowly fade and wear off, so I redo it every year to keep it bright and shiny

    How did you get the lines so straight?
  • Masking tape. I run a strip of it along, write the quotes, then remove it.

    No really, what's it mean?
  • *shrug* I like quotes. I like my car. I decided to combine them.

    Do the police bother you a lot?
  • Not really. I was pulled over a couple times in the past, but I think I've hit the point were The Cat is so weird they don't want to deal with me.
    What are those switches for?
  • Going from the bottom up. The red one is for a secondary cooling fan. The green one is for the driving lights. The blue one controls the 'cat meow' horn, P.A. system and DC to AC power inverter. And finally the orange one will control the undercarriage adn exterior lighting once I install it, right now it only controls a few red LED lights under the front bumper.
    In addition to all of that there is another switch on the dash labeled 'eyes' that makes the headlights glow green at night to look like cat's eyes.