The ArtCars

These are images of the ArtCars that made it to the Rhode Rally.

I tried to put as complete information as possible with each car. If the car has a website, clicking on it's name will bring you there.

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  • Dave & Irene Major, The Aerocar, Benton, KS

  • Ginny Troutman and Class, OOP! Bubble Van, Somerset, MA

  • Clark Semmes, Bottlecap Car, Washington, DC

  • Christa Ansbergs, Ecco, Vernon, CT

  • Ilesha Cherry, El Torpedo, Newport, RI

  • Alyce & JP Jacquet, FREE LOOP Bus, Providence, RI

  • Adelise Mason, Hummer Mobile, ME

  • ?, Ri Driver, RI

  • Karl Haakonsen, Roslindale Art Truck of the JP Artcar Project, Jamaica Plain, MA

  • Barbara Michaels, Recycle Car of the JP Artcar Project, Jamaica Plain, MA

  • Simon, The Colaboration (the white Jetta we painted on Fri), Providence, RI (picture thanks to David Stephens)

  • Eric Stephenson, Lunar Burn, Boston, MA

  • Conrad Bladey, Magnet Truck, Linthicum, MD

  • Bill Turville, Metal Fish, Littleton, MA

  • Noa Teplow, Sparkle Ark 2000, Riverside, RI

  • Yolk Marius, Pedaled Chicken, NYC, NY

  • Christopher Moore, Rabbit-bike, Brooklyn, NY (picture thanks to David Stephens)

  • Chris Brown, Road Rage, Hartford, CT

  • Tom Kravitz, RIEDC RI Red Car, Providence, RI

  • David Stephens, Seaflower, Nova Scotia

  • Andrew Anselmo, Shark Car, MA

  • Dragonfly Leathrum, Shlow Moe, Newark, DE

  • Sarah Clover, The Star Car (scooter), Providence, RI

  • Pixel, The Cat, Wethersfield, CT

  • Bill Stevenson, Topcat & Whimsy, Frankford, DE

  • Providence Public Library, Wheels of Wonder, Providence, RI

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