This is why it is dangerous(or at least entertaining) to let me get bored, I go from driving this... driving this.

Patchworks was a $450 beater I bought because gas and repairs for Scar was getting too expensive. Because I am categorically incapable of leaving well enough alone it shortly received the paintjob you see here. That was followed shortly by the roof scuplture you can see below in "parade mode". I quite happily drove this car for a while until the clutch gave out. Doing a $800 clutch on a $450 car didn't seem worth it, so Patchworks was eventually junked.

Parade mode.

The roof scuplture below was built out of a lot of assorted junk for about $200. Among the parts are three insustrial light fixtures, some bed rails, some 1 gallon juice containers, a jerry can, the hood from Scar, expanded metal mesh, and a lot of random hose & fittings from Home Depot.
I built it over the course of a week or too for an artcar event, They'd paid me $500 to attend, considering that was more than I'd spent to buy the car, I decided to give them their money's worth.

The best part for me is the hidden battery & windsheild washer pumps built into it. When activated they could either squirt people on either side of a parade route, or douse someone standing near the car.

After Patchworks' demise, I kept the roof sculpture. It is now hung in a place of honor at the top of the back wall of my garage.