The Magic GrapeFruit Road Crew
On Patrol!

The Magic Grapefruit Road Crew grew out of a night of boredom, and a long night online. I was surfing the web and came across a MUTing of a e-mail spam called The Magic Grapefruit of Love, done by Tom Smith.
In it was the following section:

> and would most likely help you out if you had a flat
> tire somewhere in the same state

MIKE: Excuse me! I've got a blowout. Are you the guy
who E-mailed me a magic grapefruit?

> (or within a one or two hour radius, depending on
> the size of your state).

SERVO: The Magic Grapefruit Road Crew, on patrol.

Well, in my extremely bored state, this struck me as highly amusing, and a bit later I actually went out and painted "MAGIC GRAPEFRUIT ROAD CREW, On Patrol!" on the back of The Cat.

Picture of 'Magic Grapefruit Road Crew On Patrol!' written on back of car

It started as just a joke, but now whenever I stop and help someone who's stuck on the side of the road. I and they offer me thanks or money, I just tell them it's all in a days work for the Magic Grapefruit Road Crew.