1960-1965 Comet/Falcon Spindle Interchange

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1960-1965 Comet/Falcon Spindle Interchange

Here is the Comet/Falcon/Ranchero front spindle breakdown as best I know it (if anyone sees an error please correct it). All cars had 6-cyl only until '63.

* all of these are a direct bolt-in replacement for each other so long as you use brake/bearing parts appropriate to the spindle donor car.

# swapping disc spindles for drum spindles will require changing the M/C to a disc/drum M/C & adding the appropriate proportioning valve.

You can swap any 6-cyl spindles to other years by changing the upper and/or lower control arms (which may require changing the strut rods as well). V-8 spindles swapped for 6-cyl spindles will require upgrading many more suspension/steering components.

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