Automotive Idiocy

This thing was spotted at a local cruise night. According to the stickers on it,the car is a Ferrari 'lamarossa'. But dispite the six 'Ferrari' stickers and eight ferrari 'prancing-horse' stickers this is actually a Toyota Supra with a serious identity crisis.

The vents on the side have been artfully constructed of L-brackets and sheet steel screwed together (close up to show the fine metalwork).

Around back the stock taillights have been painted yellow, then semi-truck taillights screwed in place to give it a distinctive look.

On the interior the fine 'lamarossa' craftsmen have been hard at work covering every surface of the car in contact paper. The dash is randomly covered in yellow, white and fake carbon-fiber look contact paper. All the extra carbon-fiber bits were used to cover the steering wheel. Note the white pieces on top of the dash which are oddly shaped and don't actually follow the lines of the dash. Not shown are the cloth Ferrari patches hot-glued to the headrests.

I saved the best for last. Now we move onto the front. Lets go by the numbers: You can also see a closeup of where the toyota emblem was left on the front and painted over, then had a ferrari 'prancing horse' sticker put over it.

Added 6-17-03:
Someone on a Supra message board sent me a picture of the engine compartment of the 'Lamarossa'. This is what happens when you slam your hood on a full can of silver paint...

The Lamarossa now has it's own website. I didn't write it, the owner did, look there for the continuing story.